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We are an official Arsenal supporters club,
get to know more about how we was founded and why we are one of the largest supporters clubs in the region.

How the journey of arsenal uae began

Back in 2008 David Price landed in Dubai as a die hard Arsenal Fan, those of you that have met him will know Arsenal is his life and has the stories to back that up.

After researching places to watch Arsenal he realised there was no home for Arsenal fans in Dubai, after calling Arsenal Football Club to see what he could do, he set out to find the 50 members they required, a committee and a bar to make us an official supporters club.

After 6 months of going to different bars watching matches to find Arsenal fans, David completed the requirements needed. In September 2009 we received the official letter from the club congratulating us on founding the official supporters club Arsenal UAE.

Since 2009 we have grown the supporters club to over 1500 fans, we have played in the Emirates football 7's, travelled to European games and finals as a supporters club and even had members selected to give player of the year awards at Emirates stadium.

From all Arsenal fans in the UAE we thank our founder and chairman David Price for creating this great supporters club that we all love today.

whats to come and why should you become a member?

Our aim is to keep on growing the supporters club and providing our fans with a home to stand together and support our great club Arsenal FC.

With locations in Dubai and now Abu Dhabi we can cater for more fans located in the UAE. We have a great committee that are always open for ideas, you can get in touch with any of the following:

Kieran Lindsay, David King, Paul Comer, Paul Day, Chris Najjar and Gaby Salmon.

We are proud of our new partnership in Dubai with Garden on 8 who have really made it a special place for our fans this season.

We will be pushing to get more members, organizing  events throughout the season such as brunches, Christmas parties and sporting events.

We hope to see you one day soon!

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